Contact the Board

ACV Property Management should be contacted for all landscaping issues, your homeowner account status, selling your home notification, and emergencies.

Spicer Estates Officers:  WHO TO CONTACT

President:  General information about Spicer Estates.

Vice-President: If President is unavailable.   

Treasurer:  For questions about budget or finances. Homeowners must contact ACV for their account status. 

Secretary:    Requests by homeowners to be on the Board of Trustees for election or to fill vacancies should be made to the Secretary.

Trustees serve 2 year terms. Official nominations for the board of trustees are made at the November HOA meeting, ballots go out in December, and ballots are counted at the January meeting.  The board fills any vacancies that occur between elections.

Webmaster:  Manages website and posts news on the Community News page.

President: Ernie Stewart

Vice President: Mike Lillo

Treasurer: Andy Nuyianes

Secretary: Judi Diepold

Trustee: Perry Levin