Annual Spicer Estates HOA membership dues in 2024 are $840.00.

The HOA provides lawn mowing and snow removal with the funds received.

Dues are due January 1 but may be paid in two installments:
One-half in January and the remainder in July. No late fees if dues are paid by end of month due.


Your check must be made out to SPICER ESTATES HOA with your name, address and ACV account number on it.

Your check must then be mailed to ACV Property Management to be deposited and credited to your account. Their address is:

ACV Property Management, LLC

Attn: Spicer Estates

680 US Highway 130, Unit 9972

Hamilton, NJ 08650

If you are a resident and want to view your account information, you must log in to your account at ACV Property Management.

Online Payments

You may also pay online at ACV’s website with credit card or by bank transfer. There is an additional fee for these methods.