General Meeting Minutes


MARCH 15, 2023

President Ernie Stewart opened the meeting at 6:38 p.m. The Pledge of
Allegiance was recited. Trustee Perry Levin took roll call. President Ernie Stewart, Vice President Mike Lillo, Treasurer Andy Nuyianes and Trustee Perry Levin were present. Kevin
Myers, of ACV, was also present. Secretary Judi Diepold was absent.
Ernie informed the members present that the board reviewed the meeting
minutes from the last meeting and asked for a motion to approve the meeting
minutes. Mike Lillo made a motion and it was seconded by Perry Levin. All in favor,
none opposed. Motion passed.
Ernie turned the meeting over to Mike Lillo for the landscaping report. Mike
explained about the letter going out to all about the violation and colors came from
the board NOT ACV, Kevin and ACV are our agent and act on the board’s behalf not
on their own. Mike reviewed the color scheme and all colors are available at the
local Sherwin Williams, just ask for the Spicer Estates color palette. A copy will be
on the owner portal and website. Mike talked about the architectural review
process. The Board will handle the applications and Mike will try to get things
pushed through quickly. The Board is working with ACV to do a better, easier form.
Owners still need to go through ACV to file request in portal. Mike explained to
the residents why the present board members ran for the board. He explained that
if no residents wanted to be on the board, then the HOA would go into receivership
and that would increase our HOA dues. He said the board wants to bring the
community back to a desirable community. He commented that the board is
looking to have the front of the community cleaned up and paving of the roadway
to our retention pond on Woodruff.

Ernie asked Kevin Meyers to handle the vote on the basin driveway. Kevin
stated the board obtained three (3) bids to redo the driveway to the basin off
Woodruff Trail. Paveway in the amount of $6,850.00, South Jersey Paving in the
amount of $6,000.00 and United Paving in the amount of $8,000. The board
selected Paveway because they were removing the entre roadway and reinstalling instead of patching like the others. Kevin asked for a motion to accept Paveway’s
bid of $6,850.00 to repair and pave the basin access road off woodruff trail. Mike
Lillo made a motion and Perry Levin seconded the motion. All were in favor, there
were no objections. The motion passed.

Andy Nuyianes reported on the finances. [Finances redacted for security

Ernie wrapped up the meeting and asked for a motion to adjourn the
meeting at 7:11 PM. Perry Levin made a motion and Andrew Nuyianes seconded
the motion. Meeting was adjourned.
Ernie started the open session and asked for question from the owners
present. He asked that each person raise their hand and when called upon state
their name and address.

  • 473 Woodruff Trail – Marie England: Who is responsible for the landscaping
    along the fence line at the basin? Board Response: We will look into it.
  • 108 Sage Trail – Wayne Swanson: Do I need an insurance certificate if I am
    doing work myself? Board response: No.
  • 778 Chickory Trail – Brian McKeever: Neighbor puts cans out on
    Monday. What can be done? Board Response: send photo to ACV and they
    will send violation.
  • 424 Chickory Trail – David McCabe: What can we do about shut-ins in our
    community. Response: From Mark Gravinese, Township Administrator –
    Township has senior guard activities on the website. Board to add link to our
    website. ACV to put in community tab.
  • 742 Chickory Trail – Leslie Lynch: Budget says three (3) 4” snow falls, but
    board is saying 2” snow falls. Board Response: The contractor will come out
    automatically after 2” has fallen once the snow stops. Under 2” we have to
    call them out. The budget is based on the contract; we get charged for every
    inch after 2”. No ice melt is applied by HOA. That is owner’s responsibility as
    is cleaning off your cars. DO NOT ASK WORKERS TO DO IT OR THEY WILL GET
  • 417 Woodruff Trail – Mary Ann Bryszewski: Can we update the exterior
    colors? Board Response: Board will look into it.

President Ernie Stewart then closed the meeting at 7:38 p.m.