Landscaping Issues

All comments, praise or complaints MUST be made to ACV Property Management. You may still contact the Spicer Estates HOA Board using the “Contact the Board” tab on our website or in an emergency call ACV at 609-447-0131. Please make note of this information so we can address your issue in the quickest way possible. Again, no action will be taken on any complaints if we do not receive it through the website or ACV. DO NOT CONTACT ANY MEMBER OF THE BOARD AT THEIR HOMES, BY PHONE OR THROUGH THEIR PERSONAL EMAIL

DO NOT contact the parents of Gill’s landscaping who happen to live in our development. Mr. and Mrs. Gill have nothing to do with the lawn service and will not be able to address your issue.

Remember that the HOA Board is a volunteer staff and we are trying our very best to address all resident issues in a timely manner. Thank you!