New Information for 2023

Changes to the Board: With the resignation of Ernie Stewart the Board has voted to appoint Perry Levin as the new Board President. The Board has also appointed Steve Bermudez to the Board as Trustee. Congratulations to Perry and we Welcome Steve to the Board.

Clean up after your dog! We have found that more and more people are not cleaning up after walking their dogs.  Please clean up after your dog, not only for the sake of our community to remain beautiful but to avoid the health hazards that can occur.  Thank you!

Winter Lawn Care Service Responsibility:  Removing snow over 2 inches on your drive and sidewalk is the responsibility of our Lawn Care Service (Gills) as instructed by the HOA Board.  (Please refer to Rule F in your Handbook for further information.)  Any ice that forms on Steps, sidewalks or driveways is the responsibility of the homeowner. Please ensure you stock up on a bag or two of Ice Melt before winter begins each year.