2023 Election results and officers

Election results for Board of Trustees and officer positions, January, 2023: President Ernie Stewart, 1 year remaining (2023). Vice President Mike Lillo, 2 year term (2023-2024). Treasurer Andy Nuyianes, 2 year term (2023-2024). Secretary Judi Diepold, 1 year remaining (2023). Trustee Perry Levin, 2 year term (2023-2024).

Update to Board Members

Please note the following changes as of May 1, 2022: Terri Covello: Trustee Pat Gunn: Secretary

Happenings in Mullica Hill

At our last HOA meeting there was a request for information about what was occurring in Mullica Hill. Below is the address you would use to subscribe to the monthly newsletter “Happenings on the Hill” What’s Happening in the Hill? Subscribe and find out! Newsletter – Receive our weekly newsletter that covers what to do, where … Read more

Grass Cutting and Edging!

Grass cutting and edging will begin April 12, 2022. Please be sure to turn off your sprinklers on Monday April 11 and Tuesday April 12. Pick up any sticks or debris in your yard and dispose if it properly. Wishing you a Happy Spring!

Mullica Hill Post Office

It has come to our attention that the outside post office mailbox has been robbed on several occasions. Please consider mailing your letters inside the post office.

2022 Trustees and Officers

Congratulations and thank you to the following home owners for volunteering to become board members and being elected to the following positions: John Van De Graaf, President Ernie Stewart, Vice-President Robert Wuzzardo, Treasurer Terri Covello, Secretary Pat Gunn, Website Manager Please remember these people are volunteers for our Home Owners Association. Your appreciation and consideration … Read more

New Information for 2022

Clean up after your dog! We have found that more and more people are not cleaning up after walking their dogs.  Please clean up after your dog, not only for the sake of our community to remain beautiful but to avoid the health hazards that can occur.  Thank you! Winter Lawn Care Service Responsibility:  Plowing … Read more

Contact Phone number 609-447-0131

Phone calls are now being handled by ACV, our Property Management Company at the number above. To speak to one of the Trustees, you may call 856-417-2066 for general information about Spicer Estates or if you are unable to contact ACV.

Property Repairs/Improvements

Property repairs/improvements either to the front or back of your property must be approved by the board. Please do not begin any work until you get an approval. An HOA permit will be mailed to you once we receive your application and it is approved. You must place the permit in your front window before … Read more

Lawn Mowing/Sprinklers

Do not run your sprinklers on Monday or Tuesday. Our landscaper mows on Tuesday, and if your grass is wet, you will probably have ruts in your lawn unless you flag your lawn so they don’t try to mow it. Likewise if you replace and replant your lawn, be sure to flag it until the … Read more